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Abu Dhabi Urban Edge

With the recent recognition as one of the top 10 sustainable cities of the future by the Ethisphere Institute, a US/based think tank that researches and promotes good government and social responsibility by corporations, Abu Dhabi is on the right path in transforming itself into THE sustainable capital of the Arab world.

To meet this challenge, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning council has developed a political vision that focuses on cutting-edge urban design, protecting cultural assets, fostering Arab/Muslim-based communities and engendering interaction between citizens and their built environment.

Abu Dhabi has taken approximately three decades to reach one million residents, resulting from the combination rapid population growth and urbanization unprecedented in the arab world.

Two Islands was requested to develop a framework of sustainable development to effectively manage urban growth projects, using Estidama as a template for environmental protection, and economic and social progress. The priorities for the planning exercise included:

 - Walkable neighborhoods, in which it is convenient, safe and comfortable for families to walk to local services and activities.

- Multi-modal transportation systems, with good walking conditions and public transport services.

- Small-scale, participatory neighborhood activities, such as local festivals and celebrations, as well as cultural and art events.