— Artificial Gravity

Earth Shine

Earth Shine was developed in 2012 in collaboration with ABAE Space Agency, for the development of a space resort with artificial gravity.

As demonstrated by NASA in the late 1950s, a person at the edge of a cylinder rotating about its central axis will experience a centrifugal force similar to the gravitational pull on the earth’s surface. The long term effects of this are still unclear, but this solution still appears far more viable than current structural alternatives or technologies like gravitomagnetism. Similar designs have been showed in 2001: A Space Odyssey’s iconic jogging scene, and the more recent 2013 Hollywood blockbuster, Elysium.

Other forces at play, such as the resulting colioris effect, will cause visual disorientation and also act upon the balance of sensitive organs within the inner ear.

This effect is significantly reduced by increasing the relative size of the module, and Two Islands worked alongside aeronautical engineers and scientists in order to reduce this effect and create a large size structure.

Two Islands proposed separating areas of long term high quality gravity, from other areas such as gardens and shower areas that occupied more space and shorter periods of activity, in order to limit the overall size and achieve qualitative objectives. We completed an additional exercise that looked at how simple activities could be more interesting in zero gravity, which helped all parties involved to reassess the main issues and brought a fresh new perspective.  The result was a significantly optimised module with built in flexibility for future structural reinforcement requirements.