— Caracas Park

Caracas Central Park

The Two Islands redesign of the Parque Bolivar in Venezuela, is a current revision of the 2020 General Masterplan, pending approval in 2014 with a total project cost of £5m.

The project will transform into a thriving entertainment district by 2019 – complete with a theme park, water park and a new dining and music scene and more elaborate attractions. The idea is larger than a theme park, it blends the conflicting ideas of preservation and commercialism in order to satisfy Caracas’ natural resource needs, conservationist views of modern management, a growing public interest in the outdoors and the new popularity of getting back to nature.

This growing interest to escape the hustle and bustle of the city has brought about ideas of conserving Venezuela’s

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unspoiled wildernesses by creating public parks. As a country dependent on natural resources, Venezuela’s National Parks represent an example of a compromise between the demand for profit from the land’s resources and tourism, with the need for preservation and sustainable development

Two Islands proposes a park that is an attraction in itself, and engages citizens of all ages. With proprietary technology that citizens can feel responsible for, sponsored by private entities associated with the conservation of Venezuela’s natural habitat.