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Hotel Lobby Acoustics

Two Islands was approached by a Hotel in the South Kensington area of London to analyse an interior architectural design that would help solve acoustics issues in the hotel lobby area used by guests for informal meetings.

The analysis conducted by Two Islands identifed the occurrence of masked, reverberation, and useful sound, measured from a single source causing disruption to speakers and meeting listeners alike.

During audibility tests, it was found that a user positioned in different areas of the lobby experienced varying levels of speech inteligibility from the direct source. Closest to the corners, sounds reflecting from the walls were masked by the louder direct sound levels caused by traffic noise through the doors.

Fiberglass Acoustical Cores placed strategically along the walls allowed indirect useful reflection of sound off the walls, and absorbtion of detrimental reverberation. The resultant sound quality was significantly enhanced and detrimental reflections from nearby walls were reduced by 250% from the nominal values agreed with the client.