— Manaus Masterplan


Located between Brazil’s northern city of Manaus and Rio Negro, the Manaus Cultural Park gathers the most concentrated cultural theme park cluster in the Amazon. As the region opens up to more international trade and economic growth, there’s been an increase in environmental pressures as well as benefits and opportunities. It’s vital that planning of new ports, roads and hydroelectric plants respects the rainforest and the rights of local communities. Promotion of sustainable harvesting and conservation of forest resources has the potential to enhance living standards in rural areas, and to help slow the migration of people from forest communities to the cities. Development projects that enhance health and living standards in traditional rural settings also enhance the long-term survival of the forest, since people who know the forest intimately, and who value it for a wide range of products and services are also the least likely to cut it down for large scale timber harvesting.


Two Islands worked in collaboration with Natura Ekos to develop a strategy for the sustainable development of the area. Targeting  self-sufficient buildings, meeting all their needs with power from biomass, and rainwater. Some 75% of the structure was built using materials recycled from buildings demolished in the old Canal Zone. The steel structure comes from a demolished building that formerly stood near the Silvestre locks, while the wood was reused from houses pulled down from a nearby town.


Climate Analysis, Water harvesting and Attenuation, Passive Cooling – Natural Ventilation (using Computer Fluid Dynamics), Alignment of Environmental quality and economic sustainability with user activities, Community engagement and social entrepreneurship initiatives.